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When is a good time?
I have a pretty good root on this scindapsus, it's been snaking in and out as it goes over the water level then plunges under again. It also has a new leaf unfurling at this stage! That makes two leaves so far. My question is, when is transplant into soil best? Do I wait longer, or go for it? Any tips to aid in reducing shock? I've heard sometimes hydroponic propagation stalls once transferred to soil. I'm new to this process so any help would be greatly appreciated. Doggie pic as a bonus.
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I always pot when my roots have roots (secondary roots.) Pot them up, water with plant food/fertilizer & proceed as normal. I’m not sure if there’s any fancy tricks because I don’t do anything special after they’re potted up.
Some ppl say make sure you keep the soil moist for the first month to replicate the conditions it was in during propagation. Then proceed as normal.
I would try LECA, when my next props are ready I’ll do that with them it’s a better intro to a soil medium!
@Moonbloom I do the same thing as @Blau_Ozean does.
I do same as @Blau_Ozean Once I pot it, I give it a good watering and then treat it like any other plant I have, just with a closer eye on it.
Thanks Greg peeps! You guys are awesome.

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