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Should replant or let it dry out?
My aloe had these little white bugs in the soil. I couldn’t get rid of, Soo…I threw out the soil. #AloeVera #buggingout
2ft to light, indirect
6” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
did you clean the brown part with hydrogen peroxide? i would do that. is the brown part mushy like it was over watered? if it isn’t, i would clean it and then repot it. if it struggles at the beginning of its repot, i wouldn’t worry too much, because it could be just repot shock. if anything else happens. i would assess from there. hopefully that helps. best of luck!
I agree with @wetplants. Clean the roots and repot. Do not overwater your aloe as they store water in their leaves. Let the soil dry between waterings. Also, she would do best in a pot with bottom holes.
Never used peroxide before. Do I wipe it or soak it?
@Pittyplantlover I would put peroxide on the roots an then rinse with water
Thanks for the help. Now🤞🏾
@Pittyplantlover looks beautiful!
Clean the roots and repot in a pot with fresh soil! Don’t overwater….did that once and lost my gorgeous aloe, good thing it was only a few inches tall!

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