Posted 1M ago by @ShibaSunroom

Hi! I'm still kinda new to Greg and love it! - I'm on an Android phone and I'm sure I'd subscribed to lifetime Greg! But! With the update to the app, I cannot see the "indoor sunshine" and local weather sections on the plant cards. Thx!
Im not able to subscribe at all πŸ₯²
Neither can I and get the same message
I am not ables to subscribe at all. I get the same message.
@TheeGreenWitch @SeasonedGollum This bug will be fixed in the next release! In the meantime, the same bug will allow you to add unlimited plants so feel free to add the rest of your oasis 😁

@ShibaSunroom If you close and restart the app it should be fixed!
@Kiersten thank you! - hmm maybe that means a plant shopping spree this weekend?! πŸ€” πŸ˜‚

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