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Fearing for my plant

I have this gorgeous ponytail palm, and I noticed its looking white-ish around the soil line (picture below) and the soil is still moist even though I water it every 2-ish weeks. This palm was passed down to me, so I'm still trying to get the hang of its care. It's in a plastic pot with drainage, with regular potting soil. Please let me know if it's rotting, or if I'm just overreacting.

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2ft to light, indirect
17” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Not really a expert on this plant. But two thing is recommend changing.

1. Give it more light. So move it next to a window that gets the most sunlight.
This plant needs to have as much light you can give it. direct sun or bright indirect sun is best.

2. Give less water, you should only water this plant when the soil is 100% dry throughout. This because the stem stores water, and it will easily get rootrot when you overwater.

Good luck! Its a beauty πŸ’œπŸ’™
Hi Rosa, welcome to Greg!

Personally, I've found that ponytail palms are pretty bulletproof.

It sounds like it may not have the best soil and pot. They prefer very quick draining soil and porous pots.

You have a few options here.
1. Repot.
2. Push on the trunk, if it is still firm you can try waiting for it to dry out. If you do, wait for it to fully dry and the bottom water it.
3. Put something absorbent on the top and bottom of the pot/medium to try and draw some of the water out.

Good luck!
@GardensOPlenty Marcin.. new succulent soil, clay pot and only water when completely dry.. looks like possibly root rot. Lots of bright light.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‰
@GardensOPlenty Time to replant that white is the first sign of serious stress with root rot settling in . That’s exactly what happened to mine after overwatering a few times .
It looks good to me but it much prefers underwatering to overwatering. Also it loves to be outside in the sun. My oldest one is 47. Inside, in the winter, it is in a sunny window.
@AC73LoveCats Also, @GardensOPlenty regular potting soil is ok as long as you add at least one-third perlite to lighten it.
I have my own palm and it looks like that and it’s perfectly (I hope) healthy for forever