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Have I done the lighting right??
I have Ruby and Pyrite are next to a window. Everyone else is under my new grow light. Is there anything I’ve done wrong? And if anyone knows anything about growing moss, does it need a lot of light?
The cacti might need a little more direct sunlight. Do you get a lot of direct sunlight in those spots? You can try different windows and maybe see which one gets the most light. Just watch them and make sure they don’t get burned from a sudden increase in direct sunlight
Or you can add grow lights by the cacti also. The grow lights above the other plants should work also. But couldn’t hurt adding a little more. Some light may need to be a little closer to the plant sometimes. But just watch them and if they don’t show any negative results then its ok. But if they start reaching for the light and getting too stretched out or turning weird colors then you’ll know they need more light. And a fan circulating nearby helps the soil dry and not grow mold and helps keep the plants strong
Moss doesn't need a ton of light. Think about where it grows naturally. On rocks and the sides of trees etc where it's getting fairly limited light. It's more about moisture than light imo (:
@SirLiquorice Pyrite has been in that spot for about a month and he’s been fine, but I’ll definitely keep an eye on Ruby. Tysm!
@WickedValkyrie tysm I’m clueless when it comes to that lol

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