Posted 2M ago by @CivicWoodsrose

New to plants! Need some advice on this snake plant! Plea...

3ft to light, indirect
4” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
It doesn’t look too bad to me. If it came with the leaf with brown edges, I’d just give it more time. Otherwise, water would be my first guess. I use a moisture meter and water mine once the soil is pretty completely dry and they seem to like that β˜€οΈ
Just got the same plant Saturday!
It looks great , just water it regularly but not too much. Let it get some sun but not direct. They are slow growers at times
@CivicWoodsrose Melly Mel your card says no drainage in the pot, if this is true it needs to be changed out to a pot with drainage holes. And of course they don’t need tons of water. Just if possible purchase a water meter. Your plants will thank you for it! πŸ€— best of luck on your plant journey care.
Looks good! Snake plants are pretty easy to care for, just don’t over water or get water in the crowns, this can happen if you top water. If you bottom water monthly you should be good πŸ’š
She’s good to go. She likes Sun and regular water schedule. You can puff her up with more humidity. Put her in the bathroom when you shower. Thank me later.
Thank you all so much I will definitely do all these recommendations!
Mine took a long time to see any growth but they are thriving and I definitely have a brown thumb when it comes to plants. I’m in Colorado so he gets a lot of sun. I’ve managed to keep him alive and healthy for 3 years!