Posted 1Y ago by @LoyalKhakiweed

What is wrong 😕 he is so temperamental
14” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
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Hi Krystal! My first thought since it's listed as a pot without drainage that it is just getting too much water. These plants love water but they don't like to sit in it. I usually wait for the soil to dry almost completely before watering and I would definitely recommend repotting to something with better drainage.

Also these plants are often bound with rubber bands or ties below the soil surface so that doesn't help them either. So fully inspect your roots upon repotting is a good idea.
Yesss exactly what @Leyleaves said! Also they thrive in indirect light not so much direct light since it can scorch their leaves! Definitely try to repot in some well draining soil and into a pot with drainage holes. I let mine completely dry out before watering again and check with a moisture meter. Also remove the rubber band around the trunks that is most often there and chokes the life out of them! Good luck 🍀