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Any hope for my string of pearls? I’m not sure what happened. I was on vacation for a week and had someone take care of the plants and they followed my instructions to a T.
I believe if there’s a will there’s a way! Pull that bad boy out and cut everything that is dead till you see green stem, let it dry out so the wounds may heal. Doesn’t hurt to use some fungicide, cinnamon or whatever you prefer, rooting hormone wouldn’t hurt either to try and seal the deal. Also save any leaf of the plant that may be healthy. If you have no roots and make a cutting from it, make sure you have a few leaf nodes under the substrate. After the wounds heal make sure you use a cactus soil. Safest bet if you are uncertain is grab a bag of succulent soil and add perlite at a 1-1 ratio. Let it settle in for acouple days before watering and avoid direct sunlight, indirect bright sunlight is preferred. Baby it and you will have roots in no time. It looks like it was overwatered but it will be back to it’s glory in no time!
@PlantAddicted so I should let it dry out before putting it back in new soil, add cinnamon, etc, then put back in pot?
Yes, sorry for late comment, I didn’t see response. So make sure to cut everything dead first and add cinnamon to the open wounds, let it air dry for acouple days and then add some root hormone or whatever you’d like, than add it to some soil, moist preferably not soaked and stick it in shade
Only allow it to dry enough for the cut to seal, if you leave it out too long and if there isn’t that much plant matter that might make the difference between you being able to have a recovering plant or one that you took out back and put it out of its misery on accident. If you’d like, whenever you pull it out or at whatever stage you’re at I can help guide you through it
@PlantAddicted I pulled it out earlier this afternoon and just added cinnamon to it just now. I could take a picture of it for you and see what you think?
Ya go ahead let’s check it out, was there viable roots left? And how much stem?
@PlantAddicted I’ve lost some more since the original post 🙁
Is there any green stem? It’s kinda hard to see from the position and point of view, but as far as stem vs roots what am I look at
If there is a possibility to gently separate it from dirt so you can see stems and roots. As long as you’re able to understand how to plant it I’m sure you can baby it, we just have to stop the rot from moving up the plant
It looks pretty bad but I’ve brought things back to life that should of been long gone, those leaves still look viable, so whatever they’re attached to is still good plant matter. If you don’t feel comfortable, let it air dry, whatever dries out quickly will most likely be dead and bad anyways, the plant nodes on whatever is still solid is where the roots will grow, some of the roots might still be good, kinda hard to tell from here

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