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Hello! I just got some Marimo Moss Balls and they’re super cute. (3days ago) The only problem with my plants is that when I opened up the little plastic box the smell about bowled me over! I rinsed them and placed them in fresh cold water but the smell returned and the water had clouded up. I just changed the water. I know this happens if they get too much light, but that isn’t the issue. They are about 8 feet from a west-facing window where there is 0 direct sunlight. Are they dying? Is it just temporary while they settle in? Do you still have yours? Any advice? 🟢🟢🟢
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@TruthfulApricot np! here’s a comment i found about rinsing your marimo and adding a bit of salt to the water. not sure how accurate this is but the people on this subreddit seem pretty experienced so it may be worth a shot! :) green_blue_grey

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Try rinsing and squeezing your marimo during the next change, wash the bowl with soap and water (rinse well!), then change with water that's been left out for 24 hours. Finally, I add a sprinkle of sea salt to my water and it seems to work really well. Marimo are able to withstand a saline environment, but it seems to hinder the algae. Good luck
do you roll them around sometimes? i don’t own any myself but i heard that’s an important part of marimo care, helps to ensure all the sides are getting light
edit: is the clouding green ish? went on r/marimo and it said that putting too much fertilizer can cause algae growth which leads to things smelling bad
@strawberrymoon I’ve only had them for 3 days, but I heard that, too. It is what let’s them stay round. Otherwise they’ll flatten out. Thanks for the suggestion. 🟢🟢🟢
@strawberrymoon That actually sounds like a great idea! Gosh! These little things are tough as nails! ❤️❤️❤️
thank you too for the best answer! 💕💕 here take my follow lol
I had some Marimo for quite a while. If there was already that bad of a smell when you removed the lid, I would be concerned about how healthy the plants were when you got them. Healthy Marimo and other algae purify the water, so it should stay clean and fresh. I’m not sure how much light they are getting that far from a window, but mine did best under an aquarium grow light. Also, depending on your water source, it may be beneficial to use a dechlorinator on your water. Look for one that removes chlorine *and* chloramine, as that’s what some cities use to treat their water. (If you know it’s just chlorine, you can set the water out for 24 hours. Chlorine will evaporate out, chloramine will not.)

At this point, I would try to baby thrm along a bit. Next time you change the water, gently give them a little squeeze to get some of the dirty water out of the ball, and give it a little roll in your hands to help it keep its shape. If you have a recent photo, that could help so we can see what exactly is going on.

I think I still have my Marimo, but the tank they’re in is pretty overgrown with other plants. A massive trim up is planned for this weekend, so I’ll know for sure then 😳
@ESylvanus sorry for getting off topic- but i haven’t met anyone on greg who grows many aquatic plants and wanted to say that’s really cool!! can you show me your tank? :)
I had this issue as well when I first got mine... keep changing the water often once it starts smelling. Squeeze the marimo a few times under clean water to get all the old water out (not too hard though) I also started using this marimo food from Amazon and seems to be working so far.. make sure you put some ice cubes whenever you change out the water. I usually use filtered water as well.
@NMazon Super! I wondered what they should be fed with?
@NMazon Would it be good idea to add a couple of ice cubes each day?
@TruthfulApricot I’ve been using this and seems to be working fine.. as far as lighting I have some grow lights for my other plants and usually keep these in a corner not directly.
@NMazon Pretty!
Here they are!
@TruthfulApricot When i change mine I only add like 5 ice cubes and that’s it but yes you can.. or you can even put them in the fridge for a day or two if your house gets too hot I’ve done that too. But for now I would change the water often until the smell stops.. I always smell my marimo when I clean them lol
@TruthfulApricot they are so cute 😍..
@strawberrymoon Sure! I’m afraid they don’t photograph very well, but I tried to get some photos without too much glare. Also, pardon the terrible state they’re in… I’m packing for a move, and they’ve been a little neglected 😅

I have a 29 gallon paludarium, a patio water garden, and a 2 gallon bowl that I didn’t take a picture of because it’s in a embarrassing state right now 🙈

There are some tall rushes in the water garden, but they’ve died back for fall
@ESylvanus i love how the 4 sided guy in the 2nd pic looks like a crassula but underwater!!! btw is that a shishiodoshi. my japanese ass approves of this 👀 are there any animals in your tank?
@strawberrymoon I really wish I knew what that plant is. I got it from a local fish store, and they had no idea either. I’m hoping to prop it when I do my tank maintenance tomorrow!

Unfortunately, it is not a shishiodoshi. I want to eventually get one, but haven’t been able to justify the expense. I’m weak, though, so only a matter of time 😂

The tank is home to a small colony of eastern newts, a few white cloud minnows, and some snowball shrimp. I’ve had a leopard frog visit the outdoor water garden, but so far there are no permanent residents. After I move, I’ll probably put some mosquito fish in there, or possibly a pair of goldfish. I’ll have to if it would be big enough for them, though
@ESylvanus oo all the best! hopefully you get many successful props :) i have a friend who manages and designs planted tanks as a job and he recently told me about these aquatic plants called Pygmy mushrooms (unsure of the english name unfortunately, but they look like underwater nasturtiums!) and that sometimes the fish like to lie on the surface of the leaves, it’s the cutest thing 🥺
and yeah i understand lol, there’s a reason why i rarely see those even in japan 🤣 nothing compares to that dripping sound tho! it’s so. i don’t even know how to describe it it’s just one of my favorite sounds ever 💕
i googled eastern newts and they’re so cute! little tangerine guys :) i love finding frogs near my house tbh, one time i found a little one under a leaf in my grandmas garden! he was hibernating but i was a dumb little kid and went to disturb him :( still feel and about it to this day tbh i hope he was okay
thank you sm for taking the time to write such a long comment btw!! i love learning about this stuff because i wanna keep pufferfish in the future :)
@strawberrymoon Wow! the pygmy mushrooms sound really cool! I’ll have to see if I can find out more about them! So cool that you know a professional aquascaper 🤩 I love the look of those tanks so much!!
I hope you get a chance to have some pufferfish! They look awesome 😎

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