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Concerned for my money tree could be sick 🥺

I recently just received a money tree as a gift. Sir plancelot joined the family last Friday. I’ve been keeping my eye very closely to make sure he is adjusting well. This past Friday I was inspecting the leaves and noticed one leaf has these 2 spots on it along with a few other leaves. The other strange part is that I found similar spots on one of the leaves on sage, my spider plant. I’m now worried thinking my ficus tree, bohdi could be sick? Because he is placed right in the middle between sage and sir plancelot. Any advice would be appreciated!!! #plantmom #MoneyTree #SpiderPlant #Ficus #pleasehelp THANK YOU 💜
The article below and your description make it sound like a mild case of Money Tree Foliage Blight caused by a fungus known as Phytophthora palmivola that doesn't just attack money trees. It could have already been present in your house or bought in with the money tree, affecting your other plants. The article states that you have to isolate all affected plants and get a fungicide that has Copper Sulfate in it and to make sure to destroy or trash any fallen affected leaves to prevent further infection.
Mornin, Stacy!

I looked at the article (TLDR) and there's only one picture of a money tree in all those ads.

I think you just have really good eyes and you care about your plants. (:

Plants will tell us their story on their leaves. Often times the damage might look similar, but it's just the plant's way of telling us what's going on.

1- my dracaena doesn't appreciate the tap water and it's in a high-traffic area of my house.

2- I left my Aglaonema too close to the window and the sun got it.

3- the snake plant was a rescue and it has hit the floor more times than a toddler learning to walk.

4- I left my Neon pothos dry out WAY too much while in the Depth of Despair.

The spots on the leaves won't go away, but in time, you'll get new leaves.

I'll save your post and show you my money tree. 😬 I have left it outside for a MONTH! Your post is a reminder to get that plant back inside! (: