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Leaves turning yellow??!!
Some of My Hoyas leaves near the base are yellowing and some have fallen off. I’m seeing this in multiple plants with no evidence of pests. They’re still actively growing, even sending out new growth from the stem right next to the yellowing leaves. I’m thinking it might be heat or sun stress. I’m careful not to overwater and always finger check them before watering and err to the side of waiting. It’s been HOT here and I moved them to a shadier location or inside a few days ago, it seems to be affecting the plants on the same shelf outside and I suspect that as the sun moved about during the spring and summer that they started getting more sun. I just need opinions, advice and reassurance! #HoyaHangout #help
@HoyaAddict probably has some good advice for this! 🪴💚
I had the same problem, as it turned out mealy bugs were the issue 🤦‍♀️ it’s a nightmare when you have over 100 plants!! I hope this is not your issue!!
Do you use any fertiliser? This could be a lack of nitrogen.
@HoyaAddict I do occasionally use fertilizer but it’s been a while. I’ll add some next time I water. The new growth is coming up fast which makes me thing it’s not root rot. At least I have some good cuttings just in case!!!

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