Posted 2Y ago by @nila

Is it normal for baby Monsteras to bend over as they grow...

The first photo shows how it looked when I first got it. The second photo shows how it looks now. It is growing a new leaf (photo 3) so I kinda just thought it was leaning over more because of that. But I’m curious if this is normal or not. #MonsteraAlbo #Monstera #MonsteraMob #MonsteraMonday
2ft to light, indirect
10” pot without drainage
Last watered 22 hours ago
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@nila mine do the same thing. They are just trying to reach for the sun. They love bright indirect sunlight. I rotate mine every so often. I also see you have new growth coming in too. How exciting.
as long as the stem isn’t breaking or anything it’s probably fine, just shifting their leaves to face the sun better. i have a pilea and i swear that guy moved his leaves again everytime i look at him!
Mine do the same, they reach for the sunlight, I turn mine once a week to encourage them to grow upwards around my moss pole ☺️
You should get a big pot. I have one and it is a monster. Is loves to be feed plant food.
I use a chopstick and a clip to prop them up
@usercc156b64 larger pots should only be given to monsteras as the root ball is very root bound. This plant was a cutting, so it is unlikely to have a large enough root ball to go up a pot size yet
Thanks everyone! I will try rotating it and see if that helps them straighten up a bit more. :)