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Can this plant be saved?

So this is my purple heart plant. She was purple back when I adopted her. She has lost almost all of ther leaves and the leafs left have a unhealthy bright green color to them. I had her in Leca for about a week (a few months ago), but her health status worsend. So I repotted her in normal soil mixed with clay pebbles. Her roots looked normal back then. I really hope I can save her, and mazbe get her purple color back :(
16ft to light, indirect
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
It looks really really dry. I’m not sure the clay and leca are helping her feel any better. I’d try repotting with fresh soil only and into a smaller pot appropriate for her new smaller size. Do you have a window she can go in?? The grow light might be to far away as well. Hope this helps.
It probably need drainage my palm did this when it didn’t have drains
It needs a smaller pot and more light. Purple hearts struggle in big pots. Also mine lost all the purple because I was using a grow light all winter. But now that it's back in the window getting direct light, the purple is starting to come back. It's not dying, though. Your plant is going to be okay being green. You just won't get the pretty purple unless you give it a lot more light

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