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Birds of paradise!!
Help!! My birds of paradise leaves are going yellow… and isn’t as healthy as it normally is. I’ve checked the roots and they are all stuck together and look rotted can someone help?! Do I need to re pot or how can I bring this back to being happy again!
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Welcome to Greg, Jordann! @YammieOf3 is spot on! Time for a repot!

Your plant isn't getting the right nutrients from the soil any more.

That's a big plant and they get big roots. Normally, it is recommended that you go an inch or two in diameter more than your current pot. However, with the size of your plant, I think it's safe to go up to a pot four or five inches larger in diameter. Mine is in a pretty deep pot- those roots are really strong. You might want to grab a pair of good clippers and cut right through the plastic.

Now, when you repot your plant, you may not see any difference for a few months. You might not see any new growth since we're going into the colder months. But by next spring, your plants could be putting off lots of new healthy growth!

Don't forget to give this plant as much light as you can over the winter. 😁
@sarahsalith @Gordo any suggestions?
Definitely need to repot into a little bigger pot, rinse off the soil from the roots and prune off any bad ones.
@sarahsalith thank you sooo much!
@sarahsalith what soil would you recommend when re potting? X
@user3331c60a I get a big bag of good potting soil from my farm supply store and I add other things to it, depending on the plant. For my BOP, I use potting soil, maybe 15% peat moss (for moisture retention) and 25% perlite (cause I'm a recovering overwaterer).

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