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Whats wrong with my swiss cheese?

Hello plant parents! I recently got a swiss cheese plant and the leaves have these brown spots with yellow rings around them. There is also a massive hole in the stem. Is this normal or should I be worried? Is this a sign of infection or pests? #help #NewPlantMom #MonsteraMonday #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #helpneeded #Dracaena
That looks like it could be an air root hole, maybe someone took it off. The spots on the leaves could be from watering. It might have got some dry spots from being under watered. Just watch it and make sure you don't get any more.
@plantfinatic thank you for your reply! I am seeing more of these spots on other leaves after I got the plant :(
It could be a fungal infection. Mine had one. I trimmed the bad edges, but I sprayed it with neem oil. It slowed it down but it came back but it's doing it slow so I don't know but I bought 3 others with it and it took 8 days to get here and they all were dead from the cold. This one is the only one left, and I don't know if it's gonna survive.
Looks like a watering issue. I'd let her dry out (unless she's totally bone dry) and then water thoroughly. The hole looks like an aerial root that was removed or died. Wouldn't be worried. It doesn't look bad at all! Good luck ☺️🌿
Did you just water it? The soil in the pot looks soaked and this specific guy, monstera adasonii, likes a well draining soil. Not too long being dry but drains well. Some of the leaf issue maybe humidity. I spray mine down everyday and have a humidifier. The hole it has is an aerial root that likely just broke off. I don't think there are any pests, but it never hurts to check in the crevasses where the leaves come out
@plantfinatic i’ll try neem oil as well, Thank you! I hope our plants survive 🀞
@pothosslut thank you! I’ll do that. Its my first time with the swiss cheese and it seems like hard plant to take care of
@Philo447 yes, i repotted the plant because it was super root bound and I watered it. The pot has sufficient drainage holes, but maybe the soil that I used holds too much water. Upon inspection, I noticed a teeny-tiny white fuzzy thing crawling on one of the leaf this morning. Any ideas what it might be?
Mealy bugs likely. I used watered-down 70% isopropyl and sprayed it down as well as putting drops in the crevices I mentioned earlier. They like to hide in there
@PotHeadd they're easy once you learn about their needs! I promise! I would definitely change that soil - it looks way too heavy. They like a much more well draining soil. Good luck!
@pothosslut will do! Thank you 😊