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Help needed with my Dracaena!!

Hey!! I own a smaller Dracaena plant. It's kept on top of my closet. I feel like the leaves have been drooping quite a bit lately, but maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me.. HOWEVER, there's another problem. After i haven't watered it for some time, i watered it last saturday and a few leaves turned reddish-yellowish afterwards.. Should i be concerned, or i just have to set up a normal watering schedule? If that's not the case anyway, please tell me. I'm worried. #dracaena #dragontree

(for context, i attached a picture.)
Terra’s profile says no drainage and we don’t know if it’s receiveing enough light on top of your closet. Well draining pot and a lot of light are important for your Dracaena. However, it’s normal that your plant loose some bottom leaves from time to time if all other conditions are good
I found this on the internet that someone else having the same issue and they got a response same as @artulipe. They said-Normal healthy growth. As the plant gets taller it will shed it lowest leaves. If it was growing outside the wind would knock those older leaves off. Inside you can pull those discolored leaves off yourself if you want to.
My two cents- water meter! Mine kept loosing its leaves and I found I was not giving it enough water. And each time I did water prior to this moisture meter I would be losing a leaf. Best thing I have done for my plants. Other than give it the wrong type water. 😩
My dragon is multi-colored! brighter colors sign of happiness from my research
My leaves got more colorful the more light it got!