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Time for a soil change?
Hello #AlocasiaAddicts ! My Zebrina is doing that thing that allocasia are prone to do, it has the yellow spots. I have seen this diagnosed online as anything from sunburn to fungal infection to root rot.

My polly had the same condition, but I was able to clear it almost immediately by switching to an aroid mix + orchid pot (she is scarred but very healthy now).

In any case the Zebrina came to me already like this. Probably distressed from being in the dark and going thru extremes of over/underwatering. The nursery soil SEEMS to be decent crumbly mix. but even after providing ideal lighting, treating with peroxide solution and carefully monitoring the moisture level I havent been able to stop the yellow spots.

I was hoping to wait until April…. But since the yellow spots are not clearing up on their own, should I just change the soil right now?
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2ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
It could still be going through it’s acclimation, some of mine have dying and droopy leaves but all the new growth from being at my place is standing tall and strong, give it some time. The yellow spots will not go back to green unfortunately ☹️
@FallenCitrus yeah, the yellowing stopped on my polly but it left brown scarring behind :( how long would you say to wait ?
Mine is doing the same but we have cold weather still in UK hopefully will get better when warm weather comes back 😊
Mine is the same as well, edges ha e yellowing areas, soil is pretty moist so probably it a lack of water.
It is still in the pot and soil it was delivered in( only had it about a fortnight) so would rather sort this now before it gets worse.

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