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I adopted this baby almost a year ago- it was so sick and...

0ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
@PreciseCorncob Kristine it looks to be near a window ledge? If that is the case I would suggest moving it away from the direct light. Would be a start. See how that helps a bit.
@PreciseCorncob Because he only has two leaves, the pot might be a bit big. He could be spending most of the energy on root production. Look beneath and see what the root system looks like. You may need to trim some if they are rotten. If you do have some rot, then it could be chopping & propping time. You can get an airtight container, put in some sphagnum moss, dampen it and nestle the cuttings (one or two nodes each) in the moss. Place in indirect light. "Burp it" once a week to let oxygen in, and keep the moss moist. Things should start to grow nicely in a couple of weeks and then you can pot up a bunch into one pot for a fuller look. Here is what my mini chop & prop looks like right now. I started it with a bunch of nodes at the beginning of March, and honestly, I should probably get them out and planted.
Welcome to Greg, Kristine! And my two is that those stems look really damaged. It look like they have dried out a lot at one point.

I agree with @UltraKoreanfir - perhaps a prop box might help in your situation.

How often are you watering your Pothos? Another thing you might to is pull out the stems, clean off the dirt, and put them in a cup of water to allow it to grow healthy roots.

Just be aware that it might not recover; those stems look bad.