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Need advice!
I just got these birds of paradise. I'm not sure if I should plant them all in one pot or separate pots? I know nothing please give me all the advice!! #birdsofparadise
I ordered some online a few years back and put them in the same pot.
Do they grow fast?
@plantlady100 ... no. Not really. Let me look up to see when I got mine. Just a minute.
I got mine November 2, 2020. I potted them about a month later. They were about 6" tall when I got them and they are about 12" now.

So I'd say they've doubled in size in a year and a half. Mine have spots because they had a rough winter here in zone 7b. I keep them outside.
Oh okay. I got worried that they would get too big too quickly when I saw they can be 6 to 8 feet tall indoors. Is that right? That would probably take years right??
@plantlady100 right. I'd say 7 years before they get really big.
Honestly it really depends on how you care for them and where they’re located. If you give it a bright sunny place in your home it’ll love it. Maybe do one by itself inside and two outside together

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