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How can I support my leaning rubber tree?

What I’m doing isn’t working. #rubbertree #helpneeded #help @RJG @RJGoers @HoyaAddict @greenlikethumb @AnthuriumQueen @FitBrowallia @dreamlettuce @RealSimpleMama @sarahsalith @Sassylimey @YammieOf3 @
7ft to light, direct
13” pot with drainage
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This would be an option too, which combines @sarahsalith and my idea. #doublethesarahbrainpower #sarahsquared 😜πŸ₯°
STICKS! I see you have some, but thicker sticks. (:
If it's really 7 feet from a window, it might not be getting enough light.

I put sticks in mine when I brought it home from work. It was very floppy because it wasn't getting enough light.

Over time, the stems have been able to stand up on their own and I've just wrapped the long stems around the stick to give it more support.

When I put my sticks in, I put them in the middle and I pushed them down into the pot so they touched the bottom of the pot to give it maximum stability.

I used hook-and-loop straps to secure the stems to the sticks.
Hi! My little girl has a few stems like this too. I would do one thick stick in the middle of the pot, deep down like @sarahsalith said, and use loose loops of Velcro or string to make multiple holders. If that makes sense - one base stick like a spine and strap both stems loosely to it. πŸŒ±β˜€οΈβ€οΈ
@sarahsalith I have a 1” pvc pipe. Look at the right of the first photo. It’s huge.
@Gingerlymom I see that; I'd move it to the center and push it down. Maybe use yarn to tie them up.
@RealSimpleMama @sarahsalith Is it possible to split this into two plants?? That one leans so much and just gets worse the bigger it grows. This plant is very happy! It makes one baby after another.
@Gingerlymom oooh maybe! I would not be sure until you pulled it out of the pot and saw the roots, and how easy it would be. Or you could always chop it, I lopped off the top of my #RubberPlant and it sprouted roots quickly! πŸŒ±β˜€οΈβ€οΈ
I agree with @RealSimpleMama - you can split and then chop and prop if you wish. It's up to you!

Personally, I like having a full pot so much so that I added my Tineke and my Ruby to my pot of regular elasticas.
@RealSimpleMama joining those groups! πŸ˜† #SarahSquad
@sarahsalith I have thought about adding my baby rubber tree to it. That’s super cool!
I had to put 2 bamboo stakes in mine and thinking of adding a third @Gingerlymom
@PlantBabyMama Ooooh I like the idea of bamboo ! Pretty!