Posted 3w ago by @user3259e7a7

My aloe needs assistance, I believe it’s been overwatered!
We’re going into the summer time so it’s definitely a lot sun and much hotter. My plant has never been in direct sunlight but at least 6ish feet or less from the window that brings in a lot of light. Any tips to help my aloe plant out?
Make sure it’s not sitting in water. Move the plant closer to the window, if the window gets direct light only move it about 3ft so as not to shock the plant. If it gets indirect light. Move it as close as possible. Then leave it alone to dry out. If the soil is really really wet and soggy, you’ll have to gently replace it. But otherwise just give it time to dry out and no watering for a couple weeks at least.
@LadyAlula thank you for the tips, I really appreciate it! I won’t be watering it for a bit and definitely going to move it to a better spot :)

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