Posted 2w ago by @MoorePlantsPls2405

Can’t Create
Hi sorry guys I keep trying to create my Crassula Dorothy but I can’t get the app to do it without freezing. Can you please add for me?? TIA! #GregGang #GregFeedback
Best Answer
Terminate the app completely from settings -> app settings -> greg or/and delete temporary files
Just googled this baby! Man I might need this in my life!!
@Roserade yes I am a sucker for crassula lately. Check out the Suzanne!
Oh! You are a bad bad person (lololol). So now there’s two more on the “list that never ends”!
@Roserade lol sorry not sorry 😉
@MoorePlantsPls2405 I would try again later. Greg has glitches sometimes. I’ve had to do it before.
Hey Amanda!

Sorry for delay. I got this added for you!
@RJG thank you my friend!

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