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My snake plant is making babies and the pot is so tight fitting now. Should I repot? If so can I get recommendations on which soil to buy? I am a beginner so any tips would be appreciated!
4” pot with drainage
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Only get a slightly bigger pot if you repot. They like to b a little root bound. Get a succulent or cactus soil. Snake plants need good drainage.
She looks ready to leap out of the pot on her own. I’d keep my bedroom door locked till you can repot πŸ˜‰. What a healthy gal
@tattedscientist I’ll do that, thank you :)
@Kwanna yes she seems happy and that makes me very happy :)
I like to use regular potting mix and handfuls of perlite and coco coir. I mix all of it for excellent drainage. I would suggest reporting 2” up from your current pot! I have mine potted with these products atm

I find them at Walmart
Thank you for the advice with specifics! I will look into that as well :)
@YernLimabean I agree with @kscape πŸ’―
@YernLimabean I agree with @kscape on this.

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