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stinky old plant deserves to be hot again
my mom has this decrepit, gnarly, giant monstrosity of an aloe plant that’s been sitting in my basement for literally 5+ years. half of the plant(s) were sat out of the soil completely or with mostly exposed roots, and the other half were completely gobbled by root rot. miraculously, despite its truly disgusting roots, the actual leaves are decently healthy (disregarding the gross old rotted ones that fell off at a mere touch). it has literally NO healthy roots, everything is either so rotted it’s basically water or covered in various mold-like-gunks. i decided to try to give it a better chance at flourishing instead of surviving and brought it to a nicer spot. how can i repot something that has so few and nasty roots? not looking to change the soil or anything, literally just set them firmly in the pot. everything basically looks like the included pictures. #AloeVera (aloe vera??)
for now i pretty much just stuck em back in, but if there’s anything i can do about the grossness lmk!!
try pealing off those bottom leaves and see if there are any mini hidden roots! I do this all the time with my Agaves.
i should also note that there’s a huuuuge plant that is the literal only one with a decently healthy root in the entire pot, but he’s big as all hell so i don’t even know if i can physically move it
@Ronimac5 there were! they’re freaking actually minuscule, like not even the size of a pinky joint, but they were there! thanks for telling me about the Hidden Secrets.
Also pull of and big rotting leaves should help
I’ve just regrown my aloe roots from root rot. I re potted it in fresh soil with some rooting powder and within 6 months it was almost back to normal. Good luck 🌱
There’s root growth powder you can buy to add to your watering days. It could help this big guy out a bunch! Won’t change anything short term, but would help those babies you saw grow healthy.

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