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are these ready to be propagated? and anyone have a suggestion on how i should prop them? i had them in water however they got really water logged! #SnakePlant
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I’ve heard that you should let them callous for a couple of days before putting them in water to propagate. I haven’t had any luck with water propagation though, mine always rot 😔 I do have a small cutting in soil that I think is doing ok. I want to try propagation in LECA next, I’ve heard that is supposed to be a really good option.
@RedDragonZ34 Oh no… Mine was given like an hour tops to callous. Would it be better to quickly move her to soil?
I’ve had some good luck with water propagation, the trick is you have to ‘stack’ them in the same orientation they grow in (so not upside down), it does take 3-4 weeks but you will start to see some tiny roots. Here’s a pic of mine after about 4/5 weeks now.
I have had great success with water propagation. It does however require patience @stephenxbaker. I had one that took 4 months to get a good root system for planting. 2 months after planting he has 2 pups. Another I am working took only 1 week to push out first 2 roots. Remember to cut the upside down v in the bottom of the leaf. Allow to callus 3/4 days, hang in the water. Change the water every 3/4 days gently rinsing off the shimmy stuff. It can sometimes appear soft and rotting when it is not. Roots should be at least 2 inches for planting. Best of luck no matter which way you choose to go. Keep us posted
I propagated mine in soil but most propagate in water which is much easier so that way you can see the roots grow. If you prop in soil which is harder than in water I would change the water every 7 days. The rule of thumb is to have 3 inches of roots before transplanting into soil. My propagated snake plant had babies. I was happy when I seen them the other day.

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