Posted 1Y ago by @Mindellah

Baby is getting big

#MoonCactus the baby is bigger and the red puff is smaller. What do I do? Do I repot? Do I take the baby off? What’s going on here? I need assistance from a pro! Thank you!
2” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
Hi! So unfortunately that is a grafted cactus! Meaning the red part was pressed into the top of the green one till they fused together, normally they both halves die and it’s pretty rare to half the green part survive! Honestly there’s no way to save the red part so I’d just let it naturally die off or cut it off so speed run the healing and give that pup off the side more energy to keep growing! Btw the green part is a dragon fruit cactus! Madeline beat me to it. Fantastic explanation!
hi the same thing happened to my moon cactus i ended up cutting the top part off since it’s grafted, the bottom part is a dragon fruit so im hopping it will eventually grow a branch
Thanks everyone. Should I split the baby off or leave it on and let it grow? @RJG would you separate baby and repot or keep together and repot sideways so those long roots can get in the soil?
How big is it now?
@RJG the baby keeps growing!
@Mindellah I replied to your other post but it's up to you! It's definitely large enough to separate.