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⚠️ help ⚠️ I got a cebu blue pothos that I accidentally over watered any ideas on how to fix it. I looked it up and it says take it out remove all the soil and let it dry out. Its turing yellow and really dont want to loose it πŸ˜“
#CebuBlue #CebuBluePothos
6ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 months ago
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To remove water from very wet soil you can place tea towels under the pot and replace every time the towel gets damp (it will draw the water out the soil)

Equally, if your plant has been in wet soil for a length of time that is affecting the plant leaves I’d check the roots to see if any of them are rotting. If yes, cut the rotten roots off and replant in fresh soil.

If all the roots look damaged then your best chance is to snip the plant stems into lengths to propagate and put in glasses of water until new roots grow. Fingers crossed it won’t come to this! 🀞🏼
Can you post a picture?
@kataep that’s practically what it said online a few days its been pretty wet and wont dry out. Ill try paper towels then if not take it out and dry it
@kataep Update: I just got home and checked on it the soil is slowly drying out its not as wet anymore. I placed a paper towel under the pot. Ill wait to water it for a while (a week or two). Most of its leaves have turned yellow though. Should I do anything about that?
Glad the soil is drying out! If the leaves are turning/have turned yellow then I’d really recommend checking the roots. If the roots are soggy/black/disintegrate at your touch then you should trim them back so that the rot doesn’t spread to the rest of them. If it’s the bulk of the roots that are affected then your best chance is to start propagating from the healthy stems before these become too affected too.
Feel free to share pictures too if that’s helpful!
@kataep Perfect it has about 5-6 vines about 5 feet long each so when I trimmed them I already have some propagating
@kataep Ill check the roots when I get home from work 😩
@kataep ok I checked the roots none are squishy or nasty. I repotted in a bigger pot and got most the water out of the soil. I chose to repot it bc the roots were really tight in the old one and this one has a lot better drainage. I also mixed some new soil in too thats better at draining.
Tampons and rice, honey!!! LOL

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