Posted 1M ago by @FestiveRedmint

Is this a zebra or an aloe?

1ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Not a response. This spp is a totsl rip off. Just a ploy to shop their plants. Wish i did not get it.
That would be an aloe! Aloes have the β€œtoothy” spikes
Looks more like an aloe to me than a haworthia they are typically less spikey on the edges, and the leavea are a different shape
@PrimeGoldwire Well, the plant shop is brand new and the app has been around longer than it, so it’s really not a ploy for that. The app is here to build a community! Sorry you didn’t enjoy your time πŸŒ±πŸ’š
@itsjordan thanks!
@TheLonelyDaff thanks. What I was thinking too
@FestiveRedmint Jonathan this is a Zebra!
I agree with the others. Looks like a variety of aloe to me. There are many varieties of aloes and aloe hybrids. You might start with in trying to identify. I am not an expert on aloe ID!
This is definitely a zebra haworthia . It’s very close to a aloe hybrid but they have feet not spikes. Look up the name for reference .
@ILoveMyPlants This is not a haworthia zebra! This plant has teeth along the leaves and it has smooth spots. This is my zebra, although mine isn’t as prominent in stripes, for example:
i think this is an aloe, my zebra has more stripes and noticeable texture
It’s zebra, aloe are bigger 😁 enjoy ur plants
Honestly could be bothπŸ˜‚ i am more thinking something like Aloe humilis.

My aloΓ« also started off like that, but my zebra is also kind like that. But i think a zebra is more pattern on top of the leaves instead of "inside" the leaf.

I think that unless someone knows 100% sure, you could better wait and see what it grows into. The care is basically the same.
@Nathaliezyx4 yeah that’s almost why I’m asking. If they’re both cared for the same way, I guess it doesn’t matter too much what it’s called! πŸ˜…
I would probably say it’s an aloe vera according to its spikes and textured leaves