Posted 1M ago by @leafmealone247

Will cinnamon help get rid of fungus gnats cuz neem oil didnt work for me
It should when used sparingly. I've also used diatomaceous earth mixed into the top inch or so of soil.

If you use too much cinnamon, your soil can become hydrophobic and not hold water. The gnats lay eggs in the soil and that's why it's so hard to get rid of them. 😖
How much cinnamon should I use then?
Will this work?
I'm sorry- I didn't see your response. 😬

I don't think that chemical will work. It specifically says it's for crawling insects and fungus gnats don't really hang out on the soil.

Another way to attack the fungus gnats issue is to allow the soil to dry out well between waterings. I'm not sure what kind of plants you have, but fungus gnats are attracted to consistently moist soil. 
@leafmealone247 when using cinnamon, a very light dusting will do.

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