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Is there anyway to save my aloe #AloeVera
My dog pushed it over and it got ripped off from the roots but I feel like there’s gotta be some way to keep it alive. I have been keeping the bottom in water and that seems to be keeping it alive so far but it’s definitely not thriving
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Aloe root readily in soil! You can fill a 4 ish inch pot with succulent soil and place your aloe right in. Make sure the bottom stump is covered and water like you used long as she looks green your good.
Roots take a while to establish so be patient and don't give up!!
Good luck! 🥰🥰
Yes roots take a while for aloes but it’s in perfect shape to put in soil and get to growin
Yes just repot in some soil a small small pot like 4inchs. They reroof fast.
I am doing the same thing with one of my aloe plants that was not doing too well in a big pot. Repotted in soil them into 3 separate pots. They take a little while to look happy when first repotted. I thought they were a goners but now two of my little aloes are coming along. One is still struggling but I will give it time. Be patient. It will work.
Get some rooting powder dip the whole end in it and plant it . It should catch hold and live.

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