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Is mo dead yet?
Hey I have a echeveria setosa (Mexican firecracker) named mo I’m pretty sure he’s dying I’m curious…is he dead yet? Any clue what killed him or is making him die?

1)Wimpy leaves that can be easily moved by my finger (they use to be firm and resist movement when touched by a finger)-I’ve heard this is overwatering and/underwatering

2)Leaves are a purple red colored more so on the underside the. The top, he’s got too soil he’s not being exposed to water in his leaves
Best Answer
Could be pot is holding moisture by the roots. Top May still appear dry.
What kind of pot and soil and how much light does he get?
4 inch terracotta pot bonsai jack soil @JThen I haven’t watered since July 3rd I’ll just keep watching it
@Lithopslover terra cotta is good, it can take a long time to come back from over water. 🫶🤞💚

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