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Hey…I’m back with ANOTHER stupid question😰
🪴 Heeeyyy! I need help! It’s probably something obvious and I’m just dumb, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

So, RJ is very healthy (as seen in older posts). But there’s something wrong…he has white spots…he’s had them ever since I’ve had him, but a new one showed up this afternoon. (Pic no. 1)

🌱(pic no. 1) RJ has white spots, what do I do? Should I be worried? Am I flipping the crap out for no reason?

🪴So yeah…help??

@kscape sorry for the ping, but I thought you would know 😓😰

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12ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Best Answer
Looks like leaf spot fungus.

Prune and remove heavily affected leaves. Provide frequent treatment of neem oil or another fungicide to the foliage. I would do minimum 2 weeks. Since you’ll be treating with Neem/fungicidal soap, keep it away from direct light! Avoid getting water onto the leaves as it recovers. Keep the plant away from other plants temporarily, or other plants will get infected. Monitor daily to ensure the infection has stopped spreading.

I use fungicide or Natria.
@kscape TYSM!!! I’ll take care of it for sure!!! *scared plant dad noises*
@ChaosPlains No problem! I had this with my Kalanchoe and treated it with fungicidal spray! Still struggling but it’s pushing out growth :)
@ChaosPlains I agree with @kscape 💯. I always keep Neem Oil on hand at all times. Right now I have 3 bottles.

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