Posted 6d ago by @user67622

Mold issue?
Has anyone noticed their terracotta pots molding? It doesn’t seem to be an issue for the plant itself, but I am concerned that it is bad for my house. Do I wash/scrub it off?? Help!
Hmm, I've never gotten this on my terracotta pots. I would probably remove it so it doesn't transfer to the soil. Try just a vinegar wipe down with a paper towel a few times
You can use 3% hydrogen peroxide sprayed on to help kill it. It'll fizz a bit, let it sit for a few mins. My understanding is that this is pretty normal and harmless in humid areas. You could seal the terracotta if you wanted but I think it would stop drying out the soil as fast (if that's what you're using it for)
Hydrogen peroxide is a best bet. I would honestly freak and change the soil and bake the pot followed by a call to my therapist lol

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