Posted 3w ago by @MoorePlantsPls2405

Add Plants Please
I can’t add a plant to plantopedia can you please add Sedum lineare variegated? TIA #GregFeedback
I've never had to add to plantopedia but maybe @RJG or @alex have some advice
I will look into this Amanda!
Is it possible to do that? 😲
@bizarrekitties if you have a species you can't find in our plantopedia we're happy to look into it!
@bizarrekitties yeah sometimes the app won’t let me add for some reason. The mods here are super quick and helpful.
@MoorePlantsPls2405 aw you're too kind. it may be Monday but I promise to take care of this ☺️
@RJG no rush. Always appreciated.
This should be ready for you Amanda!
@RJG you’re the best
Happy to help!

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