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So because I've unalived 3 string of pearls I've bought a...

Please provide care and when I should water it. The soils dry right now just recieved it. I want to let it acclimate well b4 I do anything. It is small and in a 2inch pot but has wonderful length already. Any and all tips are welcomed. Im probably dumb for trying plants in this room but it makes the Feng shui of my office look great. There is a window but north facing. I have a grow light in here and it's about 3 ft pr less from the grow light #stringofhearts.
1ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
I think it's going to need more light. If you can put a grow light right above it (within a foot or so) I think you're better off.

I agree with you about letting it acclimate first. Leaf it alone for as long as possible. There is no shame in not repotting the first year. (:

And I TOTALLY agree with you about the #SSOP (stupid string of pearls). #NeverAgain πŸ˜†
I will have to get another grow light for over these. I do have light in the ceiling fan that I can turn on but I think those are just reg led lights I think the grow lights are stronger and brighter idk.
@sarahsalith...I'm likely wrong so I'm hoping someone will chime in and let me know it. Personally, I never leave a plant I purchased in the seller's pot for very long. Sometimes the soil has lots of peat to ease the transport. Sometimes the soil has gnats. Sometimes the soil is too wet or too dry. I'm comfortable with my own soils and containers which seems to give me more control over the plant because it gets the care I'm used to giving to all my plants. I know my soil - what works for what genre etc. I've made mistakes and re-potted in a different soil after a couple of weeks. The right soil seems to correct problems. I've never found a plant shocked by re-potting. It suffers when I don't know what kind of soil the seller used. I worked in a greenhouse for 5 years in the 90's and learned just how resilient plants are. Hope others give you their advice.
My posts are not saving what kind of medium should I use?
I bottom water my strings , because overhead watering has caused me to rot 3 string of things in the past, also bright indirect light is best, and they need light on the top of plant as well as the tendrils. They can burn easily if placed in direct sun. Grow lights are a good option. Also a porous pot and soil, if you decide to replant. All strings are difficult to replant as well. I would wait until it’s outgrown it’s nursery pot or needs fresh soil.
@SugarGoldwire something well draining , you can use succulent soil but add a good amount of perlite for drainage, or a gritty mix. It’s very important that they drain and don’t stY wet because string of hearts have bulb like structures that they grow from, and can rot easily.
Yep @SugarGoldwire SOH is so much harder than SOP πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ. But I’ve found it to not be as fussy! Basically my SOP’s can be very opinionated about top watering or bottom watering I’m not sure why one wants top and another wants a good butt chug! 😝 And SOP is doing just fine until it isn’t!!! ☠️ I recently was given an SOH cutting and I was so afraid it wouldn’t make it because it was pretty little and strings can be tough! So I just follow the πŸ’¦ schedule and ignore it in between! πŸ˜† so far so good πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘. I think SOH is harder because they are much slower growers than SOP and dooo much more fragile looking. So hang in there and enjoy!☺️
So update I bottom watered it now the SOH are losing leaves what did I do wrong?