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How about this? #firestarorchid #orchidlovers #orchidor...

This was given to me just as you see it.

It's growing because it's starting to "climb"

My question is should I move it to a smaller planter?
@MariansOasis can you help Maisie? You know a lot about orchids!
@MotherOfOrchids might be able to help as well
Sorry, I don’t have experience with epidendrum orchids. Miss Orchid Girl on YouTube has some videos about them though which you may find helpful
This Epidendrum is epiphytic but can be terrestrial too. I’d recommend repotting it with chunky well draining soil. I haven’t had direct experience with this orchid but found this very helpful.
I have not exactly huge experience, but I've had mine in comparatively small pots. They seem to like it. In just the few months I've had them they have put out a lot of new growth, without any issues (they just look a bit ragged because they came with mealy bugs included).
On the other hand the other species had next to no roots when I got them, so even the small pots were comparatively big, since they were almost bare rooted. but they did not complain (more than an orchid with already damaged root system will complain normally at least). I would say it depends on what species/ hybrid you have and how you water. And they seem to have this very interesting way of growing, creating keikis everywhere and in abundance, so at some point you have lots of aerial roots if you leave most of them where they are. (Which I would since this seems their normal way of branching out and growing)
And I remember that Miss orchid girl had also some epidendrum content, as Debbie already mentioned. Have fun with those darlings