Posted 2w ago by @AggroResting

What kind of grow bulb works from 3(ish) ft away?
what should I look for in terms of lumen output?

. I know a lot of the smaller/cheaper bulbs need to be 6-12” away but that wont work for this situation.

I need to quarantine a large plant for a couple weeks but I dont have the window space Help! Thank you πŸ™πŸ» 😊
@AggroResting maybe @RJG can answer that question. I use stand up grow lights.
The answer my dear friend is it depends on for what. πŸ‘€
@RJG for this ag! Currently about 10-12 ft from a NE window
I think you could get any highly reviewed bulb from Amazon. I found some that were like 4 for $18

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