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When potting your avocado seedling, what inch pot do you plant it in?
Right now my avocado plant is placed on a patron bottle filled with water. I need to plant it in soil but I never quite knew what size pot I should plant it in. Any suggestions? And what mixture do you plant your avocado seed in? #HappyPlants #Avocado #NewGrowth #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewPlantMom
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I have planted mine in a couple different ones depending on the size and length of the roots. I have done a couple in tall 4” ones and a few in 6” ones. I would suggest the bigger size, and when the trees get bigger then to repot. Be sure to pot it in well draining soil. I would however wait to pot until your stem and roots get longer. When it reaches about 6”, You’ll want to cut it back to about 3”. Then when it gets back to about 6-8” I would pot it.
I haven’t planted my avocado seed yet but I think a 6-8 inch pot would be good and any standard potting mix should work. I use Miracle Gro
@fabiana how big is your avocado plant right now ? I like your taste in Tequilla, Patron is the Best!! It’s still a seed in water, the roots are about 2 inches long. I’ve watched videos on youtube on how people plant it and they always use a larger pot keeping the actual seed above the soil
@fabiana thank you! I have planted my previous avocado plant in a 12 inch before and it didn’t like it as much as when I repotted it to an 8 inch pot. Started flourishing. I think I’m going to go with a 10 inch and see how it goes✨
I make sure the soil is as light as it can possibly be, so 60/40 perlite and orchid bark, then toss some soil in on top and mix it up. She’s super happy, even with part of her root above ground in a 6” pot!! Def reccomend. All leaves on her are new since potting.
@tango where do you get your perlite ? Orchid bark etc
You never peeled it….
The picture is absolutely stunning, love the mix of lighting and the bottle of patron! sorry for not replying sooner!! Just at a local store, I think Fred Meyers (Kroger for those in the south) might have some… I would check around anywhere with a garden section!
@BeckysBabies the lights are plant lights! They help tremendously that my only window is a north facing window πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
@AshleysEvrgreen Thank you, I have peeled previous ones and sometimes I don’t. I was experimenting if anything happens if you don’t. Does it cause harm if not taken off?

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