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Browning leaves
Iris was making a lot of improvement when I moved her to the north window but now her leaves are turning brown. Anyone know what's going on?
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0ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 18 hours ago
It’s possible that the change of light was too strong. What I usually do when I introduce my plants to brighter light, I try to slowly introduce them to their new area. Also, maybe try filtered water? Idk I just do that when a plant is being finicky with me.
@Hoya-junkie I moved her from an east window to north
@DazzlingOasis that’s strange, I thought I read that backwards. Well I know that African Violets require bright direct light for some hours and then bright indirect light. Maybe water it less if you want to keep it at the north window? Also it could just be a bit stressed because of the change so it might stop crisping once it gets used to its new environment.
I agree this looks light sunburn or mechanical damage. Nothing I’d worry too much about. It also looks like you have a lot of suckers on the plant- that could be causing added stress. If you do a bit of googling to help you identify and remove them, it may also help with recovery and new growth.
@PolishDill suckers?
Too much sun too fast maybe. Drastic change that at first was tolerable bc it was needed but now seems too be too heavy to fast maybe
@PolishDill thank you for sharing! I did not know about these suckers
@DazzlingOasis that looks like over watering to me. These plants love a small, snug pot so they get wet but can dry out between waterings. Looks like yours is in a very large pot. I would downsize to a pot that fits the root ball and let it dry a bit between watering. They like bright light so near a window should be fine.

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