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Why is new

#Philodendron Why is new growth stringy like this?
1ft to light, indirect
Last watered 2 months ago
@YummyKahikatea Hi Missy. It happens when plants are away from their ideal light. The top is right there basking in glorious light. But the rest of it has gone to dark side. Lay those guys on the window sill and they will be happy. You can’t shrink what has already been stretched, so it if bugs the look for you, you can prune the stretched parts, put them in water and propagate. New plants!!
@snowtrooper So helpful!!! Thank you!!
@YummyKahikatea I am thinking the plant actually needs to be away from direct light altogether. Leaves look almost yellow looking. I would try and give bright indirect light and see if that helps.
@CourtlyKingfern Thank you! I’ll move it out of the south window and see how it goes!