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Mother of millions help!
Her leaves are turning red and falling off. Is this a watering issue? I read that these succulents can survive on watering every few weeks. Is that correct?
It could be that it is having issues with drainage. I see on your plant card that it has no drainage. Water may have stood in your pot, causing issues to the roots, making the leaves fall off.

It also looks like it could use more light.

Have you checked the roots?
@kscape I’m sorry I haven’t fully updated the plant cards. All my pots have drainage and this particular plant is sitting in a south facing window.
@PomonaSprout Okay now I’m going to sound contradicting, but it may be getting TOO much sun. MoM’s tend to get overwhelmed and sensitive when receiving too much light. Does it get direct sunlight?
@PomonaSprout @kscape she’s got a point, is it getting too much sun?
@kscape @KikiGoldblatt yes direct sunlight. Should I move out of the window?
@PomonaSprout I would move it to maybe a West facing window? What do you think, @KikiGoldblatt?
@kscape would indirect light be okay? I have a shelf that is located in between a south and east window
@PomonaSprout I think that would be great! It would get both morning and afternoon sun, and it wouldn’t be direct where it can scorch its leaves.

I think try this spot out and check on her in the next couple of days 🤗🪴

Oh! And make sure to rotate her every week or so, so she gets light all around. I would rotate her to the left, since her leaves look like they’re leaning right, which is towards the light.

Edit: this will help your plant straighten out :)
@kscape update she seems to be doing okay!

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