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Should I put her in a bigger pot? #PothosSnowQueen
1ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
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Welcome to Greg @uwuber ! You're doing a great job with the pothos! If you want to repot, loosen some of the old soil from the roots, and place the root ball in the empty pot.

Sometimes plants that have roots hanging out of the drainage holes MAY not need an upsize in pot size, sometimes the roots just need to be adjusted and can fit back in the old pot. Just something to keep in mind for future repots, BUT, looking at your baby, she's probably ready for an upsize.

Only upsize by 1-2" in pot diameter so if it's in a 4", doing go more than a 6" pot.

Again, great job!
I’ve got a few pothos & I would put it in a little bit bigger pot if it was me. She’s a beauty!
I think so because the roots are growing out of that pot. Looks beautiful!
I totally would 🀩
I would, the roots are coming out of the draining holes.