Posted 2w ago by @Kelseyao

Prop up, propagate, or leave it alone?
My plant has grown A LOT and I’m worried about it tilting so much. What should I do??? #Succulents
0ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
check roots if they are getting too big for the pot repot it but if not just prop it up!
If you want you can cut the top and plant it in the same pot. The old body will form new babies at the top of the rooted plant. As for me your plant looks nice. I would keep it like this.
2w ago
agree with @vvvelo that this one looks nice and healthy so nothing necessarily wrong with it. it seems to be stretching towards a light source and what I like to do is rotate mine every watering. that way the side that is dropping goes further away from the light and they start going the other way. either way you have a nice plant πŸ‘

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