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I have my mini in Leca. She’s my only plant in that. I b...

4ft to light, indirect
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 12 hours ago
Make sure to fertilize her. Nutrients that you’d have in soil is missing in that.
Also flush the leca every month to reduce mineral buildup. After just add water and nutrients back in.
@unfurlingoneTX for the fertilizer how long do I let it sit in the liquid? I do wash them out monthly. I’ve only have her for four months. Is a day in fertilizer water enough or should it be longer?
@Wild.roots you will leave the fertilizer in the water. I usually have a gallon jug I use to water my plants and do a bit less than what the label recommends. For my plants that are just in water, I’ll go back a few days later and just add a tad bit more water to dilute the fertilizer. Probably isn’t necessary but it gives me peace of mind. With leca, I do know you have to watch the water levels to make sure it’s not too high.
Thank you so much! Really helpful.
@Wild.roots you’re very welcome. Best of luck.