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I overwaterd my plants. Can I save them somehow?
I'm in a really dark place and can't take them dying that easily right now. Is ther e a way to keep them thriving?
Let them dry out and see if they bounce back. I hope you feel better soon!
Yeah. If possible increase the drain holes an let ilthe soil drain much better. Sometimes, I repot in dryer soil. Does it always work? No.
I hope you are able to get out of your dark place soon. I'm in one myself right now so I know how hard it is but I think we're both strong enough to make it out to the light again.

It really depends on the plant and how much the overwatering had already impacted them, but most likely you can save them.

Be sure that you give them time to dry out before you water again.

Be sure they are in pots that drain so the excess can run out the bottom.

If the plant is already starting to rot, which you will know if you see dark brown squishy spots, trim those parts away.

If the soil isn't draining at all and holding in the extra water you will want to repot the plant in dry soil that has better draining properties. This way thebolant can begin to recover, and also if you happen to make this mistake in the future the plants won't be harmed as much.
I understand & am here for you! If you feel up to it, I would suggest a repot. Rinse roots. Trim, if needed. Hydrogen Peroxide & water spray down (optional). Fresh soil, water lightly as not starve the roots. Resume regular watering routine once they perk back up. Minus the overwater, lol. If you don’t feel up to it, I would place them in an open window to dry out. 🌺
Looks like Tabetha and Ebony have given you some great advice.

I have been in dark places many times, including right now, and I send you my love and support. We are here for you. We will find the light. πŸ’™

If you want any specific advice about the plants impacted, feel free to post photos of them and we can give better, more directed advice.

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