Posted 2M ago by @ImKindaABigDill

Curling leaves with crispy ends

Hey plant pals! My vein plant is starting to have crispy leaves. I’ve had her for over a month I’d say. My beige flag is always overwatering so I really try to only water her when needed. So now…am I under watering?? 🫠 or should I start misting her?? #Fittonia #help #NewPlantMom
3ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Hi Leslie, welcome to Greg!

How much is the soil drying out between waterings?
The top few inches are bone dry between waterings. When I check with a chopstick I can see some moisture still on the bottom. I know these plants can be dramatic and one time she was straight up wilting between waterings I let her soak up some water for like 30 mins and she perked right up.
Yes, I've found keeping these moist at ALL times, stops the crispy, I was having terrible trouble before!
Thank you for asking this! Mine looks like a puddle!