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Hi, new plant mom here. I was wondering if this plant is ...

15ft to light, indirect
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Hello! From what I researched, it seems they aren’t friendly for animals to ingest. I am no expert but I hope this helps!
They are not safe for cats! But I use orange peels to keep my cat out and change them every now and then so they don’t grow anything unpleasant.
I have all my pothos in hanging pots that helps keep them out of reach. I have heard orange peels keep cats away from things like Dayne said.
I don’t have that type of plant but a cat, and yeah, they decide that plants are great snacks. Maybe put tinfoil around it because cats hate it.
Yes, they are supposed to be. So are the alacasia polly, syngonium pink perfection, but my cat jumped up and got all my plants that are poisonous, they are all high but he still got up there and chomped on half of their leaves and is completely fine. I only knew he did it because I went to check my plants to see if they needed watering and move them to light. Well, to my surprise, he tore them up. He never showed any signs of eating them either. So I bought a green house and now he definitely won't touch my plants again.