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My begonia is sick🥲
Recently, new growth started to die on my begonia, do u know what the cause is? And what I should do?
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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Yikes @Sassylimey - I'm glad you zoomed in on Naelle's photos.

If you DO have mealybugs, grab some rubbing alcohol. That is the best thing in my opinion for combating mealybugs. If you have plants, you're going to have bugs. If you're going to have bugs, in my opinion, let them be mealybugs. 😂

I have sprayed several of my plants recently that had mealybugs. I keep telling myself that I should take pictures of the bugs, but I'm usually so focused on murdering them that I don't stop to take a picture. They will be white and fuzzy little blobs, smaller than a grain of rice. If you spray them with rubbing alcohol, the white immediately disappears and you seen the little brown body.

honestly, while I'm talking to my phone, I am looking for a mealybug to show you. I guess I have done a good job eradicating them from my plants.

I found a carcass of a mealybug that I saw the other day. Here is what it looks like once I have sprayed alcohol on them.

Usually, I spray alcohol and then wipe away the body with a cotton swab.
I think your plant card might be wrong- you've watered it in the last two months, right?

Can we see a picture of the whole plant?
I would check to see if you've got mealy bugs, it kinda looks like that in the red leaf. If it is, isolate your plant and treat it with Neem oil, don't put the plant on the sun after it's treated for a couple of days, the sun may burn the leaves after treatment. @sarahsalith what do you think?
@sarahsalith yh, I watered it in the last 2 months, here is a pic of the whole plant
Good eyes, @Sassylimey! It definitely looks like there is some thing white and fuzzy on those leaves.

Naelle, can you see anything else that looks fuzzy on the plant? I looked at the full picture and I don't see anything.

Make sure to look under the leaves. 
@sarahsalith There was white fuzzy things on some dead leaves, wich I took off, but if it is mealy bugs, how do I get rid of them?
Thank you @sarahsalith I noticed the white fuzziest when I zoomed in on the pic...I have bad eyes, gotta have secondary cataract surgery 😱 😉

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