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Soil is moldy and overly wet
Left it alone for two weeks just in case it was over watered but it’s still the same. Should I repot it or something? I’m very new to this
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
Is it in cactus soil? If not, I would put it in that or get it in very well draining soil asap.
Yes I would re-pot it asap before it turns into slime jelly. Which, when I was new, I lost a couple this way. It happens! Get a pot (terra cotta if you can!) with a hole. Use cactus soil or anything that is well draining. If you can only find regular potting soil, add perlite and orchid bark if you can. You might even spray the roots down with a solution of 1:1 water and hydrogen peroxide to kill off any fungi.

Stick to only watering once every 2-3 weeks in the winter. I use a knitting needle and put it in the soil all the way down to see if it’s wet or not. Think like making brownies. If the needle comes up with dirt crumbs, give it another day or two and recheck. No dirt crumbs, put it in the sink and water thoroughly until it drains out the hole. Leave it in the sink until it fully drains and the put them back in their spot.

Good luck! If it doesn’t make it, don’t be hard on yourself. Try again! 🪴 ❤️
I ordered some cactus soil and a good draining pot for it, hopefully it survives until then. There’s nothing near me as all gardening stuff is put away for winter (I live in Newfoundland so there’s nothing out in winter) hopefully it gets here quickly! Thank you so much for the help
@msbishop definitely use cactus soil. I order mine from Etsy. The lady I buy mine from has high quality soil for cactus and succulents.
Here is where I order mine from. I have ordered from her 4 times so far.
@user44d8b8c2 good luck to you! I will keep my fingers crossed. Make sure to check in and let us know how it goes. 🪴 💕
It says that your pot has no drainage and that might be what’s causing it to still be wet. I would definitely recommend repotting it but with a pot that drains so the water isn’t trapped in the pot. Also if the soil is moldy you need to change it ASAP so you can still have a chance of saving your plant before the mold spreads.

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