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#RoseCalathea I am attempting to rescue this rose Calathea! Any tips would be appreciated!
3ft to light, indirect
Last watered 1 month ago
@TryOrangezest yes, Run… run away! lol I have killed my from not enough moisture. Best of luck on your plant journey care… enjoy.. πŸ˜‰
Depending on the state that it is in😊 From the one pic I can see it looks quite beat up.

I would:
1. Check for pests (quaranteene before placing with other plants).
2. Consider repot in a pot with drainage that fits the roots (and check if roots are healthy), in a suitable soil mix that is well-draining and also keeps some moisture.
3. Give it a humidity-boost. They need at least 50%. But I usually put struggeling calatheas in a transparent bucket or plastic bag to up the humidity to around 80%.
4. Place in an area with no direct sun, but a good amount of indirect light.
5. No drafts or AC or heaters nearby!
6. Consider watering with rainwater or destilled if tap-water is hard or alkaline.
Yep!!!! Run fast… I have had 3 rose calatheas and all have had funerals… any other calatheas thrive in my care.. not sure what the issues are with rose ones